Course curriculum

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  • 02

    Part 1 : The Basics

    • Photoshop Masking

    • After Effects Construction

    • Camera Settings & Movement

    • Adding Additional Elements

  • 03

    Part 2 : Advanced Techniques

    • Text + Additional 3D Elements

    • Puppet Tool

    • Crowds

    • Keyframe Graphs


Normally $750


What's Included

  • 10 Detailed videos explaining how to create Spencer Miller's 3D photo style

  • 2+ Hours of tutorials

  • One time payment, no monthly fees

Work Examples

As seen on :

Spencer Miller's 3D photo technique


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  • No prior After Effects knowledge required

    Does After Effects seem a bit overwhelming to jump into? No problem, this class is designed to be straight forward and simple. Made for people who have either worked in AE for years or never even opened the app.

  • Easy to Revisit

    The way the class is set up, with individual videos on different topics, it's easy to revisit if you forget a certain technique.

  • Community

    The class also comes with a community feature. You will be able to message myself or anyone else in the class for feedback on 3D work you're creating

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